The formula for the dependence of the deflection of an externally statically indeterminate truss on the number of panels

Evgenii Viktorovich Domanov


The investigated truss is flat and has four supports, one of which is a fixed hinge, the other - movable hinges. To calculate the reactions of supports and forces in rods, the method of compiling the equilibrium of all nodes of the truss in projections on the axis of coordinates is applied. All calculations are performed in a symbolic form, which allows the Maxwell-Moore formula to obtain the solution of the problem by induction. The cases of uniform loading of the nodes of the lower belt and loading by force in the middle of the span are considered. When deriving the coefficients of the desired formula, the operators of the computer mathematics system Maple are used. Comparative graphs of the obtained dependence are constructed.

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ISSN 2414-4487